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Demand for Production Workers Continues to Grow in 2020

Josh Bays | March 24, 2020

The labor market for production workers continues to tighten in the United States.
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Five Tips for Positioning Your Manufacturing Site Selection Project

Josh Bays | February 25, 2020

Learn five tips that will help you better position your manufacturing site selection project within the economic development community.
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Demand for Production Workers Continues to Grow in 2019

Josh Bays | March 26, 2019

The demand for production workers continues to grow steadily across the United States. Learn which markets are experiencing the most hiring pressures.
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Top Engineering Graduate Trends That Manufacturers Should Know

Josh Bays | February 21, 2018

Site Selection Group identifies the top engineering graduate trends that manufacturers should know. Learn which states are the most competitive for engineering talent.
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Metro Areas Where Demand For Distribution Center Workers Has Grown The Most

Chris Schwinden | November 27, 2017

Demand for distribution workers continues to grow. Find out which metro areas have seen the highest growth in demand for distribution center labor as well as where the demand is happening inside of...
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What Companies Should Know About Underemployment

Josh Bays | October 24, 2017

Learn why underemployment is important in corporate site selection, and understand the nuances every company should know when it comes to assessing a candidate pool of talent.
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State of the Industry: The Latest Site Selection Trends Impacting Corporate Location Decisions

King White | October 19, 2017

Site Selection Group provide a brief update on the latest trends impacting corporate location decisions for call centers, data centers, distribution centers, headquarters, manufacturing plants,...
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5 Attributes of Millennials and Generation Z that Impact Employee Recruitment

Brett Bayduss | September 25, 2017

Learn about some key attributes of these workers that will influence your site selection, real estate and recruitment strategies.
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Top Metro Areas and Colleges for Computer and Information Science Graduates in the United States

King White | July 25, 2017

Colleges have long been one of the best resources for young tech talent. Learn what metro areas have the highest output of tech graduates and the top colleges to recruit from.
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U.S. Tech City Ranking Report Identifies Top Metro Areas for Information Technology Talent

King White | July 25, 2017

Site Selection Group recently released a ranking of the top U.S. cities for tech talent. Learn which metro areas to target for your next expansion.
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