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Potential Impact of Biden Policies on Site Selection and Real Estate Strategies

King White | November 18, 2020

Learn how the Biden administration may create new challenges and opportunities as companies determine their site selection and real estate strategies going forward.
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Five Things to Know When Developing a West Coast Site Selection Strategy

Josh Bays | November 18, 2020

Here are five things manufacturers should be aware of before commencing their West Coast site selection project.
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Work-From-Home Impact Varies by Company, Industry and Occupation

King White | October 21, 2020

The biggest WFH experiment has now been going for over six months. Learn what trends are emerging that are aligned to the individual company, industry and occupation type.
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Why Manufacturers are Having Trouble with the Real Estate Market

Josh Bays | October 21, 2020

Learn how the hot industrial real estate market is making it tough on production projects.
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Best States for Manufacturing in 2020

Josh Bays | August 19, 2020

Learn which states score the best for manufacturing investment in 2020.
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COVID-19’s Impact on the Demand for Manufacturing and Production Workers

Josh Bays | May 20, 2020

Learn which metro areas are experiencing the greatest change in demand for manufacturing and production workers
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Metro Areas with the Most Disrupted Manufacturing Industry

Josh Bays | April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the manufacturing sector in the United States. Learn which metro areas have the potential to be disrupted the most.
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350+ Buildings to Expand Your Food Production & Distribution Capabilities in Response to COVID-19

Josh Bays | April 15, 2020

Site Selection Group hopes you are staying healthy during these challenging times. As you may be aware, we specialize in helping companies with their food & beverage production and distribution...
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Demand for Production Workers Continues to Grow in 2020

Josh Bays | March 24, 2020

The labor market for production workers continues to tighten in the United States.
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5 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Create Site Selection Opportunities

King White | March 24, 2020

The Coronavirus Recession is here, so what do you do now. To help you prepare, Site Selection Group identified five ways a recession could be a good thing.
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