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Call Center Saturation Report Identifies Most Saturated Call Center Labor Markets

King White | April 23, 2019

Call center saturation impacts the performance and profitability of call centers due to employee attrition, wage inflation and labor quality decline. Learn which metro areas are the most saturated.
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Unemployment Analysis Identifies 60 Metro Areas with the Highest Decrease in Unemployment Over Last Decade

King White | February 20, 2019

Unemployment continues to be one of the most important site selection criteria utilized. Site Selection Group analyzes historic unemployment to identify metro areas with the highest decrease in...
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Top Distribution Center Site Selection Trends of 2018

Josh Bays | January 22, 2019

2018 was an active year for growth of distribution center operations in many metro areas. Learn which experienced the most growth and what effect it had on real estate and the workforce.
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Predicting the Future for 3PL’s

Josh Bays | November 27, 2018

Learn how predictive analytics can help 3PL’s assess market potential in new candidate locations.
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Battling Wage Escalation for Distribution Center Workers

Josh Bays | October 22, 2018

Learn which metro areas are keeping wage escalation at bay, and which ones are struggling to keep costs under control.
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Top 30 Metro Areas for Distribution Centers in 2018

Jenna Keller | September 18, 2018

Learn which large metro areas in the U.S. maximize distribution center efficiencies.
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The ‘Diminishing Time Paradox’ in Manufacturing Site Selection

Josh Bays | August 21, 2018

Existing buildings have a way of luring manufacturing companies looking to expand operations, but they are not always the advertised speed-to-market solution.
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What Manufacturers Should Know About the U.S. Industrial Real Estate Market

Josh Bays | July 23, 2018

Industrial construction activity is at an all-time high, but manufacturers are having a hard time finding adequate options. Learn the latest trends exacerbating this issue.
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Where are the Best Locations for a Call Center?

King White | May 15, 2018

Everyone always wants to know where the best place is to open a call center. Learn about some popular cities and criteria to use when searching for your next call center.
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Top 10 Site Selection and Economic Development Trends to Look For in 2018

King White | January 23, 2018

Some of the most significant political, economic and technological trends that will impact corporate site selection and economic development strategies in 2018.
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