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Largest Economic Incentive Deals of Third Quarter 2019

Kelley Rendziperis | October 22, 2019

391 deals were announced with economic incentives of approximately $1.56 billion. Learn more about these projects.
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The Impact of Minimum Wages on Corporate Location Decisions

King White | October 21, 2019

Site Selection Group releases a new report on the impact of new minimum wage legislation. Learn how these changes will impact your location decisions.
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Data Center Economic Incentive Landscape in 2019

Kelley Rendziperis & Cody Gibbs | September 17, 2019

Data centers yield large investments, but do they garner economic incentives? Learn more about the current economic incentive landscape as it relates to incentivizing data centers.
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5 Ways a Recession Creates Site Selection Opportunities

King White | September 17, 2019

Economists see a one-in-three chance that the U.S. economy is headed into recession in the next year. To help you prepare, Site Selection Group identified five ways a recession could be a good thing.
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Filling the Gap with Creative Economic Incentives for the Modern-Day Project

Rachel Rohn & Kelley Rendziperis | August 20, 2019

Learn more about the need for economic incentives to bridge the gap created by modern issues affecting projects.
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Largest Industry Sector Growth Projections Indicate Future Site Selection Trends

King White | August 20, 2019

Site selection trends will typically follow the growth of industry sectors. To help identify some of these macro trends, Site Selection Group analyzed 40 of the largest industry sectors’ growth...
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Largest Economic Incentive Deals of Q2 2019

Kelley Rendziperis | July 23, 2019

610 deals were announced with economic incentives of approximately $1.26 billion. Learn more about these projects.
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Tight Labor Conditions Spur Site Selection Activity

King White | July 23, 2019

Companies continue to expand across the U.S. despite tight labor conditions. Learn about the latest site selection trends and how they may impact your location decisions.
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Mid-Year 2019 State Legislative Updates Affecting Economic Incentives

Kelley Rendziperis | June 25, 2019

Tax climate and economic incentives are an integral piece of the overall site selection process. Learn what legislative changes across the U.S. may impact your location strategies.
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The 8-Step Site Selection Process that Identifies the Optimal Locations for Corporate Expansion

King White | May 22, 2019

Using a proven site selection process can minimize the risks of making a bad location decision. Learn seven key steps for finding the best location for your company.
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