Largest Worldwide Call Center Expansion Announcements of 2022

by King White, on Jan 19, 2023 12:29:31 PM

The call center industry continued to evolve during 2022 as the industry faced significant hiring challenges across the globe. The industry did regain some growth with an estimated 126,000 jobs created or announced in 2022 as compared to 107,000 in 2021. The U.S. market was crushed in 2022 and dropped to historic lows of an estimated 17,000 jobs being created or announced as labor costs rose and labor availability was extremely tight. However, there are gaps in our data due to the transition to work-from-home (WFH) for many companies which has created challenges in tracking the data.  

The Philippines regained some ground with the estimated creation of 20,000 jobs as companies were allowed to reopen their offices. 

Once again, the Latin America and Caribbean region had explosive growth adding over 35,000 jobs which were 5,000 more than last year. This nearshore region continues to be the hotspot globally.  

Africa had significant traction with nearly 20,000 jobs created, which laid the groundwork for what will continue to be the most attractive emerging region globally in the near future. 

To help you identify the companies driving this growth, Site Selection Group has identified the top 20 most impactful expansions announced in onshore, nearshore, and offshore regions.

The most impactful call center project announcements by region

To help understand call center site selection trends, Site Selection Group has identified some of the most impactful onshore, nearshore, offshore and European call center project announcements of 2022 to illustrate the types of projects being completed across the world. 

These new project announcements were identified through a filtering process based on jobs created, location, and community impact. The following table identifies these projects announced in 2022:  


Top 20 Onshore Call Center Projects of 2022

Company # of Jobs Location Expansion Type
Wells Fargo 4,000 Irving, TX New Site
TIAA 2,000 Frisco, TX New Site
Discover 1,000 WFH, USA Expansion
Paycom 1,000 Grapevine, TX New Site
Discover Financial Services 1,000 Chicago, IL New Site
Advanced Call Center Technologies 770 Norman, OK New Site
Advanced Call Center Technologies 600 Shreveport, LA New Site
Spectrum 500 Overland Park, KS New Site
MCI 500 Wichita, KS New Site
Majorel 500 Detroit, MI New Site
TransPerfect 484 El Paso, TX New Site
Qualfon 400 Johnstown, PA New Site
Sunnova 400 Houston, TX Expansion
American Airlines 400 Dallas, TX Expansion
Investor Cash Management 395 Wilmington, DE New Site
Spectrum 350 West Columbia, SC Expansion
Spectrum 350 San Antonio, TX Expansion
Advanced Call Center Technologies 350 Kingsport, TN Expansion
iQor 300 Allentown, PA New Site
Advanced Call Center Technologies 300 Bristol, TN Expansion


Top 20 Nearshore Call Center Projects of 2022

Company # of Jobs Location Expansion Type
Konecta 3,000 Colombia Expansion
Everise 3,000 Bogota, Colombia New Site
Concentrix 2,100 Medellin, Colombia New Site
Teleperformance 2,000 Trinidad & Tobago New Site
Iterum Connections 900 Kingston, Jamaica New Site
iQor 800 Medellin, Colombia New Site
iQor 800 Trinidad & Tobago New Site
GSS Grupo Covision 800 Cúcuta, Colombia New Site
VXI Global Solutions 700 Guatemala City, Guatemala Expansion
Intelcia 600 New Kingston, Jamaica New Site
Equifax 600 Heredia, Costa Rica Expansion
Alorica 500 Santiago, Dominican Republic Expansion
Global Gateway Solutions 500 Montego Bay, Jamaica New Site
IBEX Global Solutions 500 Jamaica Expansion
itel BPO 500 Guyana Expansion
ibex 500 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Expansion
ibex 500 Nicaragua Expansion
KM2 Solutions 500 (est) Barbados Expansion
KM2 Solutions 500 (est) Grenada Expansion
KM2 Solutions 500 (est) St. Lucia Expansion


Top 20 Offshore Call Center Projects of 2022

Company # of Jobs Location Expansion Type
[24] 9,000 India Expansion
Access Healthcare 7,000 Chennai, India New Site
ICCS 7,000 India Expansion
CCI 4,000 Kenya New Site
Rewardsco 3,200 Durban, South Africa New Site
AGS Health 3,000 Jaipur, India New Site
TCS 3,000 Saudi Arabia New Site
Afni 3,000 Manila, Philippines New Site
Concentrix 3,000 Davao City, Philippines Expansion
Webhelp 2,500 Cairo, Egypt Expansion
Concentrix 2,500 India Expansion
Teleperformance 2,500 Punjab, India New Site
CNEXIA 1,750 Morocco Expansion
UBS 1,500 Bengaluru, India New Site
iQor 1,500 Philippines Expansion
OP360 1,500 Davao City, Philippines New Site
iQor 1,500 Clark, Philippines Expansion
Vee Technologies 1,200 India Expansion
Phoneo/FusionBPO 1,000 Morocco New Site
Teleperformance 1,000 Cape Town, South Africa Expansion



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