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Call Center Saturation Report Identifies Most Saturated Call Center Labor Markets for 2020

King White | May 20, 2020

Call center saturation impacts the performance and profitability of call centers due to employee attrition, wage inflation and labor quality decline. Learn which metro areas are the most saturated.
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COVID-19’s Impact on the Demand for Manufacturing and Production Workers

Josh Bays | May 20, 2020

Learn which metro areas are experiencing the greatest change in demand for manufacturing and production workers
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COVID-19’s Impact on the Demand for Distribution Center & Logistics Industry Workers

Josh Bays | May 20, 2020

Learn which metro areas are experiencing the greatest change in demand for distribution center and logistics workers.
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New Trends in Data Center Real Estate Caused by COVID-19

Michael Rareshide | May 20, 2020

Learn what trends are emerging as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that are proving favorable to the data center real estate sector.
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12 Things To Consider Prior to Re-Entry into Your Workplace Post COVID-19

Tim Sullivan | May 5, 2020

Companies need to be prepared for re-entry into the workplace as shelter-in-place policies are lifted. To help you prepare, Site Selection Group identified 12 best practices to consider.
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Global COVID-19 Lockdown Update for Global Call Center Hotspots

King White | April 29, 2020

To help you plan for the re-opening of call center facilities across the world, Site Selection Group has attempted to summarize the end date of the full shutdowns/lockdowns in some of the call center...
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Economic Vulnerability Index Identifies Metro Areas at Greatest Risk Due to COVID-19

King White | April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is wreaking havoc on the employment market. Learn which metro area labor markets are most vulnerable to the pandemic.
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Largest Economic Incentive Deals of First Quarter 2020

Kelley Rendziperis | April 22, 2020

432 deals were announced with economic incentives of approximately $762 million. Learn more about these projects.
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Top Distribution Center Site Selection Trends for Q1 2020

Josh Bays | April 22, 2020

Learn about real estate trends that could impact your distribution center site selection decision.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Data Center Real Estate

Michael Rareshide | April 22, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on real estate crosses many sectors but how is it impacting data center real estate? Learn about its impact in the following report.
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