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Kelley Rendziperis

Kelley Rendziperis
Kelley is a dynamic negotiator who has successfully secured tax abatements, PILOT agreements, sales tax sharing agreements, employee training grants, job creation grants, sales and use tax refunds and other economic incentives that have a positive and direct impact upon the client’s bottom line. Being a highly articulate and effective communicator, Kelley is consistently asked to deliver our client’s agenda and project summation to communities and political leaders. Kelley earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame and graduated magna cum laude from Michigan State University College of Law with her Juris Doctor. She was admitted as a member of the State Bar of Michigan in 2003 and currently resides in her hometown of Austin, Texas.

Recent Posts

Mid-Year 2019 State Legislative Updates Affecting Economic Incentives

Kelley Rendziperis | June 25, 2019

Tax climate and economic incentives are an integral piece of the overall site selection process. Learn what legislative changes across the U.S. may impact your location strategies.
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Misperceptions of the Role Economic Incentives Play in the Site Selection Process

Kelley Rendziperis | May 22, 2019

Recent media attacks on economic incentives illustrate the misperception of how economic incentives impact the site selection process. Learn from the experts what you need to know.
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Largest Economic Incentive Deals of First Quarter 2019

Kelley Rendziperis | April 23, 2019

451 deals were announced with economic incentives of approximately $1.19 billion. Learn more about these projects.
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Nontraditional Economic Incentives That Benefit Companies, Communities and the Workforce

Kelley Rendziperis | March 26, 2019

Jurisdictions are getting creative by offering nontraditional benefits to attract companies while also benefiting their community and workforce. Learn more about these creative economic incentive...
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Politics, Economics & Media Wreaking Havoc on Economic Incentive & Site Selection Strategies

Kelley Rendziperis | February 20, 2019

Recent political and economic volatility are creating challenges for companies during the site selection process while trying to procure economic incentives. Learn how to navigate these challenges...
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Top Economic Incentive Deals of 2018

Kelley Rendziperis | January 22, 2019

Economic incentives for 2,772 deals announced in 2018 exceeded $9.8 billion. Learn more about these projects.
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When and How to Engage in the Economic Incentive Process

Kelley Rendziperis | November 27, 2018

There is an art to requesting economic incentives. Learn more about when and how the economic incentive process should be initiated.
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Largest Economic Incentive Deals of Third Quarter 2018

Kelley Rendziperis | October 22, 2018

489 deals were announced with economic incentives of approximately $1.5 billion. Learn more about these projects.
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Why the Tax Department Shouldn’t be the Last to Know about Site Selection Projects

Kelley Rendziperis | September 18, 2018

Learn why it is important to include the tax department as a key stakeholder in the site selection process and economic incentive negotiations.
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3 Ways Economic Incentives Can Benefit Communities

Kelley Rendziperis | August 21, 2018

Not all economic incentives are created equally. Learn more about how economic incentives granted to private business can benefit a community.
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