U.S. Call Center Job Creation Declines As Nearshore & Offshore Geographies Grow

by King White, on Sep 12, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Call center jobs in the U.S. continue to decline as companies continue to shift work to nearshore and offshore geographies. The trend will likely stay its course until the U.S. economy recovers and labor conditions stabilize. Whether you are outsourcing or managing in-house call centers, it is critical to understand market dynamics to help develop your onshore, nearshore and offshore call center footprint. To help you understand these trends, Site Selection Group evaluated our proprietary call center project announcement data from pre-pandemic through the first half of 2023.

Historic call center job creation by region 

The following data provides a summary of call center jobs announced due to companies announcing new sites, expansion of existing sites, and work-from-home hiring initiatives. The U.S. continues to trend downward while key offshore regions such as Africa, India, Latin America and the Caribbean continue to take market share.

Call Center Job Announcements
Africa 1,158 3,200 16,900 19,297 5,150
Asia-Pacific 1,475 5,400 4,393 4,250 1,480
Canada 1,400 4,600 650 370 1,500
Eastern Europe 1,200 1,300 1,630 1,930 355
India 3,150 4,310 5,600 35,300 16,070
Latin America & Caribbean  14,580 37,193 29,380 25,235 10,285
Middle East 25 5,200 500 7,300 -   
Philippines 44,130 20,000 3,410 20,060 19,629
USA 58,575 70,520 36,496 17,503 4,362
Western Europe 7,509 8,669 8,544 5,190 850

Nearshore and offshore challenges ahead

Despite their current success, most nearshore and offshore locations are entering unchartered territory from a labor market perspective. Key offshore destinations such as Jamaica, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Colombia and others are becoming saturated with too many call centers,  causing wage inflation and employee attrition. It may not be sustainable if companies continue to expand due to the availability of qualified workers, especially bilingual workers. The value propositions in many locations will begin to decrease as a result. Companies outsourcing to nearshore and offshore regions need to understand how their business process outsourcing agreements are structured to minimize their exposure to increasing costs.

These 25 companies announced major call center job creation in 2023

Some companies are continuing to expand across the globe as they need to meet the demands of their customers or realign their global call center footprint. The following table identifies 30 of the largest announcements made during the first half of 2023.

30 Largest Call Center Expansion Announcements
Q1-Q2 2023
# of Jobs
Expansion Type
VXI Global Solutions 10,000 Hyderabad, India New Site
Foundever 2,400 Cebu, Philippines New Site
SixEleven 2,000 Davao City, Philippines Expansion
Concentrix 2,000 Bhubaneswar, India New Site
Capgemini 1,600 Cairo, Egypt New Site
Asurion 1,560 Clark, Philippines New Site
Concentrix 1,500 Cebu, Philippines New Site
OfficePartners360 1,500 Davao City, Philippines New Site
Optum 1,500 Philippines New Site
Carelon Global Solutions 1,500 Philippines Expansion
IBEX 1,500 Portmore, Jamaica New Site
Optum Global Solutions 1,500 Davao, Philippines New Site
Rogers Communications 1,300 Canada Expansion
Atento 1,219 Iloilo City, Philippines New Site
Qualfon 1,200 Capiz, Philippines New Site
VXI Global Solutions 1,200 Hyderabad, India New Site
Advanced Call Center Technology 1,000 Durban, South Africa New Site
Welspun Group 1,000 Chandanvelly, India New Site
Sigma 1,000 Capetown, South Africa New Site
Teleperformance 1,000 Hyderabad, India New Site
Teleperformance 1,000 Georgetown, Guyana New Site
Sutherland Global 1,000 Ilocos Norte, Philippines New Site
Sagility 1,000 St. Catherine, Jamaica New Site
Fidelity 700 Covington, KY Expansion
Transparent BPO 700 Manila, Philippines New Site
KM2 Solutions 650 St. George, Grenada New Site
Sagility 650 Barranquilla, Colombia New Site
Sigma 600 Cape Town, South Africa Expansion
ContactPoint 360 600 McAllen, TX New Site
TTEC 600 San Pedro Sula, Honduras New Site



The movement of call center jobs across the globe has been happening for the last 20 years. The U.S. call center industry will continue to face challenges until labor conditions soften and the U.S. economy recovers. The unemployment rate continues to be very low despite the recessionary-type conditions that the U.S. economy sits in today. Only time will tell if and when reshoring initiatives emerge as consumers demand higher quality customer service that is more likely delivered by onshore call center operations. If you need help evaluating call center locations to outsource or locate your in-house call center operations, please reach out to our site selection experts to find the best solution for you.

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