Largest Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore Call Center Site Selection Expansion Announcements of 2019

by King White, on Jan 22, 2020 9:07:51 AM

Early results show that the growth of the call center industry remained stable in 2019 with the creation of approximately 140,000 jobs at 286 call center facilities across the world. These results are slightly lower than 2018 but still reinforce the fact that the call center industry is holding steady. With almost 60,000 of those jobs created in the U.S., domestic expansion has enabled the U.S. to maintain its robust job growth for the year, adding to the tightness of U.S. labor markets.

Outside the U.S., the Philippines and Latin America continue to be the hottest regions for expansion during the site selection process. The Philippines announced more than 53,000 jobs and Latin America created an estimated 14,000 jobs primarily driven by the high-growth business process outsourcing sector. 

U.S. expansion continues despite extremely difficult labor conditions

Unemployment rates are at historic lows in the U.S. which is creating a lot of challenges for call centers across the country. Employee attrition and wage rates are increasing as employers are fighting to attract and retain talent especially in the more saturated call center labor markets. Minimum wage laws continue to push entry level wages up further in many states across the U.S. including call center hotspots like Arizona and Colorado. It is more critical than ever to carefully analyze all call center location criteria including labor availability, labor cost, wage inflation, call center saturation, educational institutions, minimum wage laws and call center market activity.

The biggest onshore, nearshore and offshore project announcements of 2019

To help understand call center site selection trends, Site Selection Group has identified the largest onshore, nearshore and offshore call center project announcements of 2019 to illustrate the types of projects that are getting done across the globe. These new project announcements were identified through a filtering process based on jobs created, location and community impact. The following table identifies the top new sites and expansion projects announced in 2019: 

Top 25 Onshore Call Center Projects of 2019

Company # of Jobs Location Expansion Type
Progressive Insurance 2,000 Cleveland, OH Expansion
Progressive Insurance 1,500 Tampa, FL Expansion
Allstate 1,300 Irving, TX New Site
DXC Technologies 1,200 Conway, AR Expansion
TaskUs 1,200 San Antonio, TX New Site
Teleperformance 1,124 El Paso, TX New Site
Progressive Insurance 1,100 Colorado Springs, CO Expansion
Brex 1,000 Salt Lake City, UT New Site
Chime Solutions 1,000 Charlotte, NC New Site
Chime Solutions 1,000 Dallas, TX New Site
Macy's 1,000 Clearwater, FL Expansion
Progressive Insurance 1,000 Austin, TX Expansion
T-Mobile 1,000 Kingsburg, CA New Site
T-Mobile 1,000 Overland Park, KS New Site
T-Mobile 1,000 Rochester, NY New Site
Alorica 900 San Antonio, TX Expansion
Faneuil Inc. 700 Albuquerque, NM New Site
Global CallCenter Solutions 600 Columbus, GA New Site
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 600 San Antonio, TX New Site
Wayfair 600 Springfield, OR New Site
PNC Bank 560 New Braunfels, TX New Site
Ford Motor Co 500 Houston, TX New Site
Intuit 500 Bluefield, WV New Site
Wayfair 500 Athens, GA New Site
Wayfair 500 Lansing, MI New Site

Top 25 Offshore Call Center Projects of 2019

Company # of Jobs Location Expansion Type
Alorica 9,000 Philippines Expansion
iQor 5,000 Philippines Expansion
Telus International 5,000 Quezon City, Philippines New Site
Dito Telecommunity Corp 4,000 Clark, Philippines New Site
Amazon 3,200 Philippines New Site
VXI 2,000 Quezon City, Philippines New Site
Sitel 1,500 Tarlac, Philippines New Site
BasicFirst 1,400 Randhi, India New Site
ARB Call Facilities 1,000 Alabang, Philippines New Site
ARB Call Facilities 1,000 Bacolad City, Philippines New Site
Global Health Care Billing Partners 1,000 India New Site
Ibex 1,000 Alabang, Philippines New Site
Ibex 1,000 Bohol, Philippines New Site
Ibex 1,000 Quezon City, Philippines New Site
Open Access BPO 1,000 Makati, Philippines New Site
PayPal 1,000 Alabang, Philippines New Site
Transcom 1,000 Manila, Philippines New Site
VXI 1,000 Davao, Philippines New Site
Telus International 800 Taguig, Philippines New Site
Inspiro 750 Quezon City, Philippines New Site
Essilor 500 Alabang, Philippines New Site
Infosys 500 Alabang, Philippines New Site
TaskUs 500 Indore, India New Site
Teledirect 500 Cebu, Philippines New Site
Uber 500 Clark, Philippines New Site

Top 15 Nearshore Call Center Projects of 2019

Company # of Jobs Location Expansion Type
Amazon 2,000 Costa Rica Expansion
Conduent 2,000 Montego Bay, Jamaica Expansion
ERC 1,000 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic New Site
Startek 1,000 Tegucigalpa, Honduras New Site
Sykes 1,000 Costa Rica Expansion
Teleperformance 850 Montego Bay, Jamaica New Site
KM2 Solutions 800 Bogota, Columbia New Site
Transparent BPO 700 Belmonpan, Belize New Site
Global Telesourcing 550 Monterrey, Mexico Expansion
24-7 InTouch 500 Bogota, Columbia New Site
NK Customer Solutions 500 Jamaica New
Transparent BPO 465 Belize New Site
Roche 400 San Jose, Costa Rica New Site
Bill Gossling 300 Costa Rica New Site
Bayer 215 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
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