Largest Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore Call Center Projects of 2016

by King White, on Jan 23, 2017 2:00:39 PM

The call center industry continued its solid growth pattern with the creation of 169,060 jobs at 386 call center facilities across the world in 2016. With over 65,000 of those jobs created in the U.S., domestic expansion and reshoring initiatives have enabled the United States to maintain its robust job growth for the year. Outside the U.S., Latin America and the Philippines continue to be the hottest regions for expansion during the site selection process. Latin America created an estimated 14,800 jobs and the Philippines announced more than 28,000 new jobs primarily driven by the high-growth business process outsourcing sector.

Politics have created uncertainty for nearshore and offshore expansion

The changing political environment is causing a lot of uncertainty for companies seeking to determine a site selection strategy. The election of President Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines created an initial flurry of concern when Duterte told U.S. businesses to pack their bags if they didn't like his anti-American rhetoric. The call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) industry became very nervous as a result.

Now we have pressure coming from President Donald Trump on companies offshoring anything from call centers, IT services, and manufacturing. Trump has vowed to bring offshored jobs home from places such as the Philippines, which could have a big impact on the industry. If Trump’s recent actions toward the automotive industry are an indication of what is to come for the call center industry, nearshore and offshore expansion may be significantly impacted in the near future and onshore activity may be on the rise.

Top onshore, nearshore, and offshore project announcements of 2016

Despite these political shifts, the call center industry continues to grow in all regions. Site Selection Group has identified our Top 20 Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore Call Center Deals of 2016 to illustrate the types of deals that are getting done across the globe. These new project announcements were identified through a filtering process based on jobs created, location, and community impact. The following table identifies the top new projects announced in 2016:

Top 20 Onshore Call Center Projects of 2016 

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Radial 3,200 Melbourne, FL Expansion
Sutherland Group 2,000 Las Vegas, NV New Site
Maximus 2,000 Rochester, NY New Site
ADP 1,800 Norfolk, VA New Site
ADP 1,600 Orlando, FL New Site
State Farm Insurance 1,500 Atlanta, GA Expansion
ADP 1,500 Tempe, AZ New Site
The Results Companies 1,300 Blue Bell, PA Expansion
Charles Schwab 1,200 Southlake, TX New Site
Radial 1,150 Brunswick, GA Expansion
C3 1,100 Tucson, AZ Expansion
State Farm Insurance 1,000 Richardson, TX Expansion
Safelite Autoglass 900 Rio Rancho, NM New Site
Kaiser Permanente 800 Atlanta, GA New Site
Expert Global Solutions 800 High Point, NC Expansion
Alorica 800 Owensboro, KY New Site
Comcast 700 Liberty Lake, WA New Site
Global Response 700 Margate, FL Expansion
Radial 600 Eau Claire, WI Expansion
Alorica 600 El Paso, TX Expansion


Top 20 Nearshore Call Center Projects of 2016 

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Atento 2,000 Bogota, Colombia New Site
Nextel Brasil 2,000 Recife, Brazil New Site
Sutherland Global 1,500 Jamaica Expansion
Amazon 1,500 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
IBEX 1,000 Portmore, Jamaica New Site
3M 1,000 San Jose, Cosa Rica New Site
Equifax 1,000 San Jose, Costa Rica New Site
Sykes 900 Costa Rica Expansion
Concentrix 700 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
Acquire BPO 700 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic New Site
Global Telesourcing 520 Monterrey, Mexico Expansion
EGS 500 Guatemala City, Guatemala New Site
IBEX Global 400 Managua, Nicaragua New Site
Atento 400 Valparaiso, Chile New Site
Advantage Communications 350 Jamaica Expansion
Concentrix 350 Managua, Nicaragua New Site
Uber 300 San Jose, Costa Rica New Site
IBEX 300 St. Catherine, Jamaica Expansion
CGS 300 Valparaiso City, Chile New Site
KM2 Solutions 200 Grenville, Grenada Expansion


Top 20 Offshore Call Center Projects of 2016

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Alorica 8,000 Philippines Expansion
Concentrix 6,000 Quezon City, Philippines New Site
Aegis 5,000 India Expansion
Accenture 5,000 Ilocos Norte, Philippines New Site
Alorica 3,500 Philippines Expansion
Regus 3,500 Davao, Philippines New Site
iQor 3,150 Philippines Expansion
Alorica 3,000 Makati, Philippines New Site
ePerformax 2,700 Roxas, Philippines New Site
Convergys 2,400 Cebu, Philippines Expansion
Sykes 2,200 Alabang, Philippines New Site
Ascent BPO 2,000 Philippines Expansion
Teleperformance 1,600 Oro, Philippines New Site
EGS 1,500 Davao City, Philippines New Site
Tata Consulting 1,500 Pampanga, Philippines New Site
Azpired 1,300 Oro, Philippines New Site
American Express 1,300 Taguig City, Philippines New Site
Qualfon 1,200 Manila, Philippines New Site
[24]7 1,100 Bengaluru, India Expansion
Panasiatic Solutions 1,000 Bacolod, Philippines Expansion
Tata Consulting Services 1,000 Varanasi, India New Site
Shearwater Health 900 Philippines New Site
Xerox 800 Philippines Expansion
Concentrix 800 Cebu, Philippines Expansion
Motif 750 Ahmedabad, India New Site

Top Onshore Offshore Call Center Projects 2015

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