Largest Call Center Site Selection Expansion Announcements of 2023

by King White, on Feb 16, 2024 8:00:00 AM

The call center industry gained some momentum in 2023 with an estimated 180,000 jobs announced in 2023 as compared to 126,000 in 2022. The U.S. market struggled while nearshore and offshore regions had solid growth. Global call center site selection activity has varied greatly by region.

The U.S. market continued to struggle in 2023 by reaching an all-time low of only 9,247 jobs created or announced. High labor costs and recessionary economic conditions drove more growth to nearshore and offshore geographies.  It is important to note that data has become more difficult to track and less accurate in the U.S. due to the transition to a remote workforce for many call centers.  

Offshore regions like India and the Philippines experienced solid growth, with 98,520 jobs announced in India and 36,629 in the Philippines, respectively. Africa continued to gain momentum with over 10,000 jobs announced. 

Latin America and Caribbean (LACA) region had continued to expand adding over 17,925 jobs which was down from the prior year. This nearshore region continues to be the hotspot globally.  

To help you identify the companies driving this growth, Site Selection Group has identified the top 20 most impactful expansions announced in onshore, nearshore and offshore regions.

The most impactful call center project announcements by region

To help understand call center site selection trends, Site Selection Group has identified some of the most impactful onshore, nearshore and offshore call center project announcements of 2023 to illustrate the types of projects being completed across the world. 

These new project announcements were identified through a filtering process based on jobs created, location and community impact. The following table identifies these projects announced in 2023:   

Top 20 Onshore Call Center Projects of 2023

# of Jobs
Expansion Type
T-Mobile 1,000 Henrietta, NY New Site
Wells Fargo 1,000 Roanoke, VA New Site
Peckman 1,000 Phoenix, AZ New Site
Fidelity 700 Covington, KY Expansion
Spectrum 600 Charlotte, NC New Site
ContactPoint 360 600 McAllen, TX New Site
Wipro 500 Jefferson City, MO New Site
Fidelity 500 Westlake, TX Expansion
Spectrum 400 Buffalo, NY New Site
Qualfon 400 Johnstown, PA Expansion
Insperity 400 Irving, TX New Site
Blue Cross Blue Shield 300 Pilsen, IL Expansion
Foundever 300 Hazard, KY Expansion
Blindsight Delaware Enterprises 225 Wilmington, DE New Site
Masshealth 200 Boston, MA Expansion
DriveSmart 200 Newport, AR New Site
Provalus 200 Monticello, KY New Site
T-Mobile 1,000 Henrietta, NY New Site
Wells Fargo 1,000 Roanoke, VA New Site
Peckman 1,000 Phoenix, AZ New Site


Top 20 Nearshore Call Center Projects of 2023

# of Jobs
Expansion Type
Ibex Global  1,500 Portmore, Jamaica New Site
itel BPO 1,500 Jamaica Expansion
iQor 1,200 Trinidad & Tobago Expansion
Teleperformance 1,000 Georgetown, Guyana New Site
Sagility 1,000 St. Catherine, Jamaica New Site
Transparent BPO 1,000 Belize City, Belize New Site
Alorica 1,000 Ciudad del Este, Paraguay New Site
KM2 Solutions 650 St. George, Grenada New Site
Sagility 650 Barranquilla, Colombia New Site
TTEC 600 San Pedro Sula, Honduras New Site
iQor 500 Medellin, Colombia New Site
itel BPO 500 Belize City, Belize New Site
TLC Associates 470 Medellin, Colombia New Site
TLC Associates 450 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic New Site
TTEC 430 Sao Paulo, Brazil New Site
Nearsol 400 Medellin, Colombia New Site
AeC 400 Montes Claros, Brazil Expansion
TaskUs 350 Medellin, Colombia New Site
Ascensos 300 Trinidad & Tabago New Site
Experian 250 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
 Top 20 Offshore Call Center Projects of 2023
# of Jobs
Expansion Type
Teleperformance 60,000 India Expansion
VXI Global Solutions 10,000 Hyderabad, India New Site
Wells Fargo 5,000 Bonifacio City, Philippines New Site
JPMorgan Chase 5,000 Bonifacio City, Philippines Expansion
Amplify5 4,000 Cape Town, South Africa New Site
FoundEver 2,400 Cebu, Philippines New Site
Concentrix 2,000 Bhubaneswar, India New Site
SixEleven 2,000 Davao City, Philippines Expansion
Ibex Global  2,000 Philippines Expansion
Capgemini 1,600 Cairo, Egypt New Site
Asurion 1,560 Clark, Philippines New Site
Access Healthcare 1,500 Multiple sites, India New Site
Concentrix 1,500 Cebu, Philippines New Site
OfficePartners360 1,500 Davao City, Philippines New Site
Optum 1,500 Philippines New Site
Carelon Global Solutions 1,500 Philippines Expansion
Optum Global Solutions 1,500 Davao, Philippines New Site
Atento 1,219 Iloilo City, Philippines New Site
Qualfon 1,200 Capiz, Philippines New Site
Afni 1,200 Laguna, Philippines New Site


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