Biggest Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore Call Center Site Selection Projects of 2018

by King White, on Jan 22, 2019 4:29:39 PM

The call center industry continued its growth trend with the creation of 145,847 jobs at 310 call center facilities across the world in 2018. These results are slightly lower than 2017 but still reinforce the fact that the call center industry is holding steady. With almost 50,000 of those jobs created in the U.S., domestic expansion and reshoring initiatives from nearshore and offshore regions have enabled the U.S. to maintain its robust job growth for the year.

Outside the U.S., India, the Philippines and Latin America continue to be the hottest regions for expansion during the site selection process. India created over 18,000 jobs, the Philippines announced more than 31,000, and Latin America created an estimated 25,000 jobs primarily driven by the high-growth business process outsourcing sector. 

Tight labor conditions in the U.S. may slow onshore growth

Unemployment rates are at historic lows in the U.S. which is creating a lot of challenges for call centers across the country. Employee attrition and wage rates are increasing as employers are fighting to attract and retain talent especially in the more saturated call center labor markets. One of the biggest problems faced by call centers is that they are the entry point into the white-collar work environment. They are pulling labor from retail, customer service and colleges which they, in turn, train on soft skills and lower-level computer skills. 

Once the employees are trained, you will often see them move up the chain to higher-level positions in corporate offices, shared service centers and light technical support. The end result is a lot of turnover and a constant need to find a workforce supply which is difficult to find when labor conditions are so tight. Therefore, it is more critical than ever to carefully analyze all call center location criteria including labor availability, labor cost, wage inflation, call center saturation, educational institutions, labor market longevity and workforce development initiatives.

The biggest onshore, nearshore and offshore project announcements of 2018

To help understand call center site selection trends, Site Selection Group has identified the largest onshore, nearshore and offshore call center project announcements of 2018 to illustrate the types of deals that are getting done across the globe. These new project announcements were identified through a filtering process based on jobs created, location and community impact. The following table identifies the top new sites and expansion projects announced in 2018: 

Top 20 Onshore Call Center Projects of 2018

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Okin Business Process Services 1,400 San Antonio, TX New Site
Round Point 1,100 York County, SC New Site
Valor Global 1,000 Scottsdale, AZ Expansion 1,000 Hollywood, FL New Site
Infosys 1,000 Hartford, CT New Site
Infosys 1,000 Phoenix, AZ New Site
TaskUS 1,000 New Braunfels, TX New Site
Voya Insurance 1,000 Phoenix, AZ New Site
Genpact 800 Jacksonville, FL Expansion
Alta Resources 800 Ft. Myers, FL New Site
C3 700 Tucson, AZ Expansion
Geico 700 Tucson, AZ Expansion
TaskUS 700 Albuquerque, NM New Site
Faneuil 650 Sacramento, CA Expansion
Alorica 625 Joplin, MO Expansion
United Collection Bureau 621 Jeffersonville, IN New Site
Bank of America 600 Hunt Valley, MD Expansion
Wipro 600 Plano, TX Expansion
Global Callcenter Solutions 600 Columbus, GA New Site
Alorica 550 Minneapolis, MN Expansion

Top 20 Nearshore Call Center Projects of 2018

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Atento 3,500 Sao Paulo, Brazil New Site
Alorica 2,600 Jamaica Expansion
Allied Global 2,000 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Expansion
Alorica 2,000 Guatemala City, Guatemala New Site
Alorica 2,000 Kingston, Jamaica New Site
ACCT 1,200 Montego Bay, Jamaica New Site
Ibex Global 1,000 Kingston, Jamaica Expansion
First Associates 1,000 Baja California, Mexico New Site
Sutherland Global 1,000 Mandeville, Jamaica New Site
Fusion BPO 800 Jamaica Expansion
Intugo 800 Sonora, Mexico New Site
Ibex 750 New Kingston, Jamaica New Site
Atento 620 Caguas, Puerto Rico New Site
Alorica 600 Puebla, Mexico New Site
Amazon 600 Bogota, Colombia New Site
Atento 500 Chile New Site
Transparent BPO 465 Belize City, Belize New Site
Etech Global Services 400 Montego Bay, Jamaica Expansion
KM2 Solutions 400 Castries, Saint Lucia Expansion
Amazon 350 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion

Top 20 Offshore Call Center Projects of 2018

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Accenture 5,000 Laoag City, Philippines Expansion
HCL Technologies 5,000 India Expansion
Infosys 4,000 Pune, India Expansion
Google 3,500 Quezon City, Philippines New Site
Teleperformance 3,000 Quezon City, Philippines Expansion
Alorica 3,000 Bay Area, Philippines New Site
Concentrix 2,000 Quezon City, Philippines New Site
iQor 2,000 Santa Rosa, Philippines New Site
VXI 2,000 Clark, Philippines New Site
PayPal 1,800 Muntinlupa, Philippines New Site
Omega Healthcare 1,500 Bengaluru, India New Site
Raya Contact Center 1,500 Cairo, Egypt New Site
Undisclosed 1,500 Varanasi, India New Site
Radical Minds 1,300 New Delhi, India Expansion
Flatworld 1,300 Davao, Philippines New Site
UiPath 1,200 India New Site
Raya Holdings 1,000 Egypt Expansion
TaskUs 1,000 Philippines Expansion
Accenture 1,000 Muntinlupa, Philippines New Site
ING 1,000 Bonifacio, Philippines New Site
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