Almost 1,000 Vacated Call Centers Available as Industry Shifts to Hybrid Work-from-Home & Brick-and-Mortar Site Selection Strategy

by King White, on May 18, 2021 1:23:51 PM

Almost 1,000 vacated call centers are available across the U.S. as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic shift more jobs to work-from-home and certain industries, like hospitality, remain severely impacted. These facilities add up to over 47 million square feet of call center space that is available for lease or sublease.

Surprisingly, only about 2 million square feet of vacant call center facilities has been added to the market since April 2020 right after COVID-19 hit. To help you develop a site selection strategy, Site Selection Group evaluated the availability of call center facilities across the United States utilizing its proprietary database of vacated call center facilities.

Availability by vacated call center facility size

Based on Site Selection Group’s data, there are 982 vacated call center buildings currently available in the U.S. The condition of these facilities varies significantly. Many of these sites have furniture and generators in place while others are stripped down to basically open office space. Some are available for short-term subleases whiles others will require a longer lease. The following graph summarizes site availability by square footage:  


Regional trends

The Southeast and Southwest regions have the largest amount of vacated call center space available. These regions also are the most locationally active for new call center projects due to their lower labor costs and more attractive business climates. The following graph summarizes availability by region:  


Availability by state

There is more than 47 million square feet of vacated call center space available. Texas and Florida have the greatest availability. States with a higher population and more metro areas will typically have a larger amount of vacated call centers. Other notable states include Arizona, which has historically had one of the highest concentrations of call centers in Phoenix. The following table identifies which states have the greatest number of call center buildings and capacity available.

Vacated Call Center Facilities by State (Ranked by Total Square Feet)

State Vacated Call Center Facilities Total Call Center Space (Square Feet)
Texas 137 7,310,478
Florida 114 5,546,986
Arizona 70 3,641,394
South Carolina 26 1,799,217
Ohio 39 1,662,503
Michigan 30 1,592,537
Georgia 33 1,560,737
North Carolina 34 1,436,681
Utah 24 1,298,754
Colorado 24 1,297,194
Nevada 24 1,211,625
Pennsylvania 23 1,204,245
California 24 1,171,579
Illinois 32 1,100,555
Tennessee 23 1,021,815
New York 16 1,002,830
Missouri 20 987,833
Wisconsin 21 953,239
Virginia 21 940,371
Oklahoma 14 854,021
Kansas 23 808,106
Indiana 20 759,417
Washington 20 743,172
Iowa 13 731,024
Nebraska 13 591,900
Kentucky 15 585,941
New Mexico 10 577,673
Massachusetts 12 499,416
Louisiana 16 470,014
Oregon 8 427,739
South Dakota 9 425,386
Maryland 9 417,857
Connecticut 7 395,113
Alabama 12 369,067
Delaware 5 337,271
Minnesota 8 304,766
Maine 7 238,246
Mississippi 4 201,166
Montana 3 160,221
Idaho 6 115,516
Arkansas 5 107,947
West Virginia 6 100,164
New Hampshire 1 35,000
North Dakota 1 21,454


The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for which the call center industry was unprepared. The geographic dispersion of call center capacity will probably never be the same. Whether you migrate more agents to work-at-home or to new geographies, it is critical that you develop a call center site selection strategy that will best serve your customers. For additional information on available vacated call center facilities, please contact Site Selection Group.

Source: Site Selection Group, LLC    

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