Dallas, TX, July 31, 2017. Site Selection Group, a global location advisory, economic incentive and corporate real estate firm, is pleased to announce that King White, CEO and founder of Site Selection Group, was featured in the Dallas Morning News article,  “How may I help y’all? Call centers are coming back to U.S., and D-FW has a large number”. The article discussed how U.S. companies are reshoring call centers to appease and retain customers. Site Selection Group’s proprietary data of call center locations across Texas and within Dallas-Fort Worth was utilized to compare different metro areas. 

About Site Selection Group
Site Selection Group LLC is a leading independent location advisory, economic incentive and corporate real estate firm providing solutions to corporations and communities across the world. Site Selection Group offers four core services to our customers: Location Advisory, Economic Incentive Services, Corporate Real Estate services and Economic Development Consulting. Site Selection Group's mission is to align the needs of corporations with the optimal locations in order to provide the absolute maximum economic benefit. For more information, visit: www.siteselectiongroup.com.



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