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Site Selection Group researches call center and back office employment trends across the world. Our research evaluates labor market fluctuations by region, community size and industry type. During March 2017, global call center job creation created an estimated 10,090 jobs at 29 facilities by companies such as Vodafone, Tata Consulting Services, Alorica and Charter Communications. There were several large closures and downsizings last month that resulted in the layoff of 1,598 jobs at 13 facilities by companies such as Alorica and Convergys. For additional information about our absorption reports or call center location intelligence, please contact King White at or (214) 271-0582.

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Company # of Jobs Location Type
Vodafone 2,100 United Kingdom Expansion
Tata Consulting Services 1,000 Patna, India New Site
Alorica 1,000 Makati, Philippines New Site
Charter Communications 600 McAllen, TX New Site
IBEX Global 500 Bend, OR Expansion
Go4customer 500 Noida, India New Site
Fay Servicing 500 Carrollton, TX New Site
GM Financial 400 Arlington, TX Expansion
Alloy MTD 400 Palayan, Malaysia New Site
Convergent 400 Iloilo, Philippines New Site
Grainger 400 Tempe, AZ New Site
Startek 300 Myrtle Beach, SC Expansion
Anomaly Squared 300 Greensboro, NC New Site
Nielson 300 Dallas, TX New Site
Guaranteed Rate 280 Chicago, IL Expansion
Startek 200 Greeley, CO Expansion
United Healthcare 150 Chico, CA Expansion
GC Services 150 Huntington, WV Expansion
BT 150 Warrington, UK Expansion
Charter Communications 100 Rochester, MN Expansion
Harry & David 100 Hebron, OH Expansion
Kura 100 Moray, UK Expansion
BT 100 Newcastle, UK Expansion
Hamilton Relay 50 Albany, GA Expansion
BPO Collections 10 Ardrossan, UK New Site
Fiserve N/A Lake Mary, FL Expansion
Netflix N/A Israel New Site
Sterling Resorts N/A Seaside, FL New Site
Outer Cape Health Services N/A Cape Cod, MA New Site



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