Top 20 Call Center Projects of 2013

by King White, on Jan 15, 2014 1:57:00 PM

The call center industry has slowly become a staple of the workforce in most communities around the world. Site Selection Group estimates that call centers and related back-office operations now employ more than 3 million workers in the United States, which is approximately 2% of the domestic workforce. In rapidly growing countries like the Philippines, Site Selection Group has seen the call center workforce grow to more than 300,000 workers as compared to fewer than 50,000 a decade ago.

These jobs continue to migrate back and forth CallCenter_39789646from the larger, more expensive economies like the United States and Western Europe to offshore and nearshore regions such as the Philippines and Latin America. This migration is driven by various location factors, but is typically dominated by two factors – labor availability and labor cost. As a result, companies are taking a more strategic approach to the site selection process to ensure they locate in the optimal geographies.  

To attract these projects and spur economic growth within their communities, economic development organizations are offering tax abatements, cash grants, training grants and other economic incentives. The economic incentives reduce the up-front cost as well as the on-going expenses of operating a call center.

“We have really seen a shift in economic development organizations pursuing call center projects more than they have in the past. Call centers are now perceived as more desirable projects for communities to pursue,” said Brett Bayduss, Principal, with Site Selection Group.

To illustrate the momentum of the call center industry, Site Selection has identified our Top 20 Call Center Deals of 2013. These projects were identified through a filtering process based on jobs created, location and community impact. The following table identifies the top projects for 2013:

Top 20 Call Center Projects of 2013
Company # of
Qualfon 6,000 Georgetown, Guyana Expansion
State Farm Insurance 5,000 Richardson, TX New Site
State Farm Insurance 5,000 Atlanta, GA New Site
State Farm Insurance 5,000 Tempe, AZ New Site
Teleperformance 2,500 Santo Domingo, Dom Rep New Site
Capital One 2,200 Alabang, Philippines New Site
GEICO 2,000 Carmel, IN New Site
Allied Global 2,000 Guatemala City, Guatemala New Site
Maximus 1,800 Boise, ID New Site
General Dynamics 1,600 Sandy, UT New Site
Kohl's 1,500 Dallas, TX New Site
USAA 1,215 Tampa, FL Expansion
Spanco 1,200 Ibadan, Nigeria New Site
Barclaycard US 1,000 Henderson, NV New Site
CapGemini 1,000 Inverness, Scotland New Site
Starwood Hotels & Resorts 900 Wichita, KX New Site
IBEX Global 900 New Braunfels, TX New Site
Startek 665 Myrtle Beach, SC New Site
JetBlue 500 Orlando, FL New Site
Fidelity Investments 500 Denver, CO New Site

The call center industry, similar to other industries such as manufacturing, will always have its ups and downs due to factors such as technology and economic conditions. However, it is clear that call centers have become a defined part of our global workforce and are here to stay.


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