Biggest Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore Call Center Projects of 2017

by King White, on Jan 23, 2018 3:08:35 PM

The call center industry continued its growth trend with the creation of 166,990 jobs at 376 call center facilities across the world in 2017. These results are consistent with 2016 and reinforce the fact that the call center industry is holding steady. With over 66,000 of those jobs created in the U.S., domestic expansion and reshoring initiatives from nearshore and offshore regions have enabled the U.S. to maintain its robust job growth for the year.

Outside the U.S., India, the Philippines and Latin America continue to be the hottest regions for expansion during the site selection process. India created over 30,000 jobs, the Philippines announced more than 24,000, and Latin America created an estimated 16,000 jobs primarily driven by the high-growth business process outsourcing sector. 

Geo-political factors influence call center location decisions

Politics continue to play important in the call center site selection decisions. The biggest impact is in the Philippines where President Rodrigo Duterte has put restrictions on giving PEZA economic incentive grants. Site Selection Group’s recent blog on the topic entitled, Philippines Call Center Industry’s Growth at Risk Due to Changes to PEZA Economic Incentive, provides a detailed look at the impact of the new legislation.

In addition to the PEZA issues in the Philippines, China’s restriction on online gambling has forced Chinese companies to enter the Philippines where they are rapidly expanding. This is creating more competition for call center office space. The impact of Chinese online gambling on the Philippines’ labor market is not known since a lot of their employees are relocated from China. It is an interesting trend to watch as it unfolds. 

While in the U.S., President Trump’s new corporate tax policies may lighten the tax load on corporations and influence them to expand in the U.S. This may spur further reshoring initiatives from nearshore and offshore geographies. The reality of these tax changes is yet to be seen; however, the intention is to cause investment and job growth into the U.S. economy, which may trickle down to call centers.   

The biggest onshore, nearshore and offshore project announcements of 2017

To help understand call center site selection trends, Site Selection Group has identified the largest onshore, nearshore and offshore call center project announcements of 2017 to illustrate the types of deals that are getting done across the globe. These new project announcements were identified through a filtering process based on jobs created, location and community impact. The following table identifies the top new projects announced in 2017: 

Top 20 Onshore Call Center Projects of 2017

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Radial 3,000 Melbourne, FL Expansion
C3 2,400 Tucson, AZ Expansion
Allstate Insurance 2,250 Charlotte, NC Expansion
Infosys 2,000 Raleigh, NC New Site
Strategic Financial Solutions 1,500 Amherst, NY New Site
Navy Federal Credit Union 1,200 Winchester, VA Expansion
C3 1,200 McGregor, TX Expansion
Cognizant 1,090 Irving, TX New Site
Diversified Collections Inc. 1,000 Louisville, KY New Site
Teleperformance 1,000 Multiple Sites, FL Expansion
Alorica 830 Owensboro, KY New
Royal Philips 800 Nashville, TN New Site
Conduent 750 Rochester, NY Expansion
Empereon Marketing 750 Waco, TX New Site
Paychex 625 Henrietta, NY New Site 600 Toronto, ON New Site
Radial 600 Eau Claire, WI Expansion
Alorica 600 High Point, NC Expansion
Alta Resources 600 Fort Myers, FL Expansion
Lowe's 600 Wilkesboro, NC Expansion

Top 20 Nearshore Call Center Projects of 2017  

Company # of Jobs Location Type
Alorica 4,500 St. Catherine, Jamaica New Site
Amazon 2,500 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
Qualfon 1,020 Guyana Expansion
HGS 500 Kingston, Jamaica Expansion
Teleperformance 500 Lima, Peru New Site
Sitel 450 Managua, Nicaragua Expansion
Tek Experts 450 San Jose, Costa Rica New Site
Smile Direct Club 400 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
IBEX Global 350 Managua, Nicaragua Expansion
Conduent 300 Jamaica Expansion
Santander 300 San Juan, Puerto Rico New Site
Microsoft 280 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
Atento 200 Chaco, Argentina New Site
Collective Solution 200 Montego Bay, Jamaica New Site
Iqor 200 Trinidad & Tobago Expansion
Feuji 150 San Jose, Costa Rica Expansion
Transperfect 120 San Jose, Costa Rica New Site
AstraZeneca 100 San Jose, Costa Rica New Site
Roche 100 San Jose, Costa Rica New Site
Advantage Communications 50 Portmore, Jamaica New Site

Top 20 Offshore Call Center Projects of 2017

Company # of Jobs  Location Type
Tata Consulting Services 6,000 Philippines Expansion
[24]7 3,000 India Expansion
Tata Consulting Services 3,000 Patna, India New Site
C3 2,800 Philippines Expansion
Aegis 2,000 Malaysia New Site
Aegis 2,000 Ranchi, India New Site
iSonBPO 1,200 Kwara State, Nigeria New
Patra Corporation 1,000 India New Site
Tata Consulting Services 1,000 Patna, India New
Accenture 1,000 Cebu, Philippines Expansion
Alorica 1,000 Makati, Philippines New Site
Fintru 1,000 Philippines New Site
Accenture 800 Cebu, Philippines New Site
Sitel 800 Baguio, Philippines New Site
Merck 675 Philippines Expansion
PMAX Global 600 Cebu, Philippines New Site
MattsenKumar 550 Jaipur, India New Site
Teleperformance 500 Penang, Malaysia New Site
Uber 500 Hyderabad, India Expansion
Sykes 500 Cebu, Philippines New Site



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